Whoooooose House? Harv’s HOUSE!


So here goes me trying to use this new headset.  For all of those who can’t stand people’s ignorance in grammar and punctuation on Facebook, bare with me and know that I’m not a complete uneducated idiot I am a person trying to use a headset without throwing my MacBook through the wall.

With that being said let’s see with this puppy can do! So there are many things going on in my world, I have a head full of blog ideas, public service announcements, DJ mixes I want to do, events I would like to throw and attend in a month, people I’d like to see, and things I need to deal with.  I’m doing my best to get some   of this out there but the truth is my hands are weak and heavy and there is only so much I can do. The process of even being able to hand any of this off is difficult, a lot of people have reached out and asked how to help.  I am still trying to find a way to let people know what I need or how they are able to help me. I will be having some blogs come up soon that will talk about things that are important to me and how you can help. For instance Saturday is August 1 and every August until there is a cure there will be ice bucket challenges across the world. I have been unable to sleep without tears at night and morning just trying to come up with the words that I want to use in my own challenge to start it off in this city.

I hope Cincinnati will rally together with me this month to raise money and awareness for me and my needs, research for cures and treatments, and lift spirits of ALS victims.  We are left alone in this world with very few people fighting for us. Many of us are stuck at home, and seeing people fight for us means more than you know. With that intro I would like to get into why I wanted to post this blog.


 Music has saved my life time and time again.  This is not a cheesy statement for me this is the real talking truth.  Growing up battling my own self in my own mind with bipolar disease,  I spent most of my life very unhappy.  When music first started to reach me it began to give me an escape of things that I had gone through. Emotions I had suppressed being a victim of child abuse,  and it began to open my world and heal it.

 My first musical purchases were Tears for Fears and the Beastie Boys.  I made this happen by finding an older teenager to make a trip to the big old city of Lexington,Kentucky so that I could purchase both on cassette.  Later I began to love country music, Notorious B.I.G. and to Pok

 due to the nature of this headset thinking to Pok  was Tupac, I felt a slight pause of laughter was in order.

  Anyway, we all know I like a lot of music.  But this is what I came here to say to you.

   I had never heard of this thing called House music,  and when it found me it was life changing.  The 4×4 beat, with the well dug out samples of yesterday’s soul, mixed  mixed in with the vocals of what you envision to be, one or a room full of, voluptuous African-American gospel singers  stepping out of the pulpit and singing from the heart on a dance floor full of willing seekers.  seekers that come from everywhere just to hear the sound of this genre.    all shapes and sizes, all colors of peopleAND THE HORNS!!!!!!!!!      the horns that randomly comes through like a burst of sunshine on a gloomy day and grab you by your feet or your heart and give you no choice but to surrender to the sound of house music and dance whether it’s outside or inside your body.  You just know you are in fact dancing somewhere in your own universe, which can be a big surprise for those that are someone like me who tend to not dance in public spot.  

  My battle with bipolar has  claimed  many good days and will continue to take many more. Weeks of djing then crashing at home fighting suicide on sunny days. Writing deep dark thoughts and poems of romance and heart ache entangled with Lists, lots of lists, I would list everything to get a visual aid of all that my mind and emotions were taking on. Then its like my heart and soul began to stop me at the points I thought I could take no more and say “Harv, you dont wanna die at your own hands, you know this, switch your tune.” And in those moments, I went from whatever playlist had been guiding my dark get in touch with yourself and deal with it moments, to HOUSE MUSIC. It became as consistent of a coping skill as the cycles were. Now as expected these cycles would come and I PUNCHED THEM IN THE FUCKIN GUTS with soulful House music. 

I have done this for the past 10ish years of my life, it has been medicine to me. No other style of music has ever been able to do what House music has and I find a piece of all genres in its sound.  Playing this style of music requires more than your typical dj comes to game with, (Sorry buddies, this is my page what I say goes), but they do it with heart. I will not be able to play this style as long as the rest of the genres I have played out to crowds. It requires precision, good use of hands and the mixer, a calmness of the soul and a desire to make people open up to a dance floor that fells better than the other ones you have typically been in.  It requires Love, and emotions, memories, hopes, and dreams. It is what we call a VIBE!  


I could type pages about House music, and i want to. BUt i switched to my hands and they are weak, I would like to save them to sort some tunes for Saturday night. Which is what brings me to the last part of this blog. this

 my days of DJ for the masses are almost over My hands are really weak.  and when I say weak that is because I just don’t have the words to describe how they feel At first they were spasming and cramping which may be a little bit emotional for the first time in my diagnosis Within just a couple of weeks before I could even take the time from medical papers and setting up doctors and physical therapy appointments they had gone from spastic and cramping to quite lethargic. In the last two weeks of my life my spirit has been slightly broken facing the fact that I only have a little bit left in me to share with the world when it comes to providing  and  tunes on a dance floor Don’t get me wrong I am planning to do this quite a bit in the next month, or at least record at home some of my favorite stuff.  but I’m facing the loss of this.

 I want to play music until I get to the point that I was when I first began. It Didn’t matter what the sound system was like at the blue bar, it didn’t matter that I knew nothing about mixing and through tracks together right left that really did not merge.  What mattered was that we were all together in a bar listening to good music. People supported me full on. Ibegan my career as a DJ just simply by the fact that I had a good taste in music and playing the right songs on right night, and it didn’t always sound so good. So I plan to  keep it in that range before I full on retire.

Jeremy Lettow  has been one of the best friends I’ve ever had in my entire life.   Although I had an extreme distaste for him in the beginning I became to love him deeper than I ever dreamed was possible. I was the best man in the his wedding which meant more to me than I could ever express. What means more to me than that is that he taught me that House music was the good stuff. Growing up in Milwaukee Jeremy’s father Dwayne instilled a love for house music intoJeremy that he carried to the city of Cincinnati. We both met here and our story over the past almost 20 years has been amazing. I’ve seen this man rock dance floors all over the Midwest he’s introduced me to so much good stuff . along the way he started his own record label Lingo recordings which has been a  success in the underground house music world.  

His latest track “Let go”  featuring Donte Fleming of the local hip-hop act Mood, is in fact one of my favorite house tracks of all times. It is for sale right now on Traxsource I strongly urge you to go out and buy this man’s music.

The most influential producer and DJ he has ever introduced me to has been his friend Jonn Hawley . Jonn also coming from Milwaukee will be joining us this weekend. He is THE man that I bring in every year to my birthday, not only to celebrate good times and life, but I bring this man and every year to share with everyone that I love what real good mother fucking music sounds like in the city of Cincinnati.  I realize that all of my friends do not love House music impact probably only a small portion of them are true house heads. Jonn has a way of relating to all of you other guys and gals.  His music is MAGIC, I call him the Stevie Wonder of the dance music world.  He is very educated in music and where it has come from, back by a beautiful family, and full of hilariousness.   The stuff that he creates in his own studio is mind blowing. the tracks that he plays are flawlessly mixed from one to another creating this journey that is life that is love that is the definition of music.

Jonn puts his music out underneath a label called Soul Fuel already I just like the ring of that shit.  SOUL FUEL!!! In fact I want a sticker that says my wheelchair is powered by soul fuel. His hits “I have a soul”, and “Electric Lush”, have been played out by me hundreds of times.  His new track “Panties”  with Born Infinite,  is one of the hottest tracks ever put together.   Jonn’s music has given me a reason to live over and over again.  And I  have to be honest by saying that some of that has been recent, he is on my team and has been!  When my heart is heavy I hear the  lyrics  a” feels like I am sitting on top of the world whenever you’re around me”  it makes my world a better place for a bit.


 It will be quite emotional for me to share  this weekend with Jonn knowing that it will be my last time to play alongside of him.  In all honesty it could be the last time I even make it out to see him play in general Bet that I will be following everything he does from my home via Souncloud and the things that he constantly sends me to make my day better.  I wish I had known and had warning that the last time I was on his  dance floor dancing and feeling on top of the world, that that way last time it to do that.  I feel robbed of that.   And it breaks my heart .  I know my heart will be uplifted this weekend being able to be there and hear himplay some tunes and just spent some time with my buddy Jonn Hawley.  I hope to see all of you dancing I hope that the music moves you and heals you where it hurts and lifts you up.


  Saturday night John Jeremy and myself will be playing it Bromwell’s Hearth room.    BromWells is opening their doors for us to make memories and have this experience together.  They will be also be donating the profits of this night towards my financial cost with ALS.  this event will be from 10 to 2am.  although I feel like this lineup is worth a solid $20, being a House music fanatic.  especially considering Jonn is renting a car and driving all the way here for the weekend.  I think is suggested donation of $10 after 11 and five dollars before is a solid way to handle this.


We will be playing  again  on Sunday afternoon at sunshine sessions a sunny dance party we put together at Mount Adams Pavilion. It is kid friendly they sell brunch and and it is an awesome day.   my set on Sunday is at 2 PM and Jonn and Jeremy play sometime later in the day alongside John Larner from Indianapolis and Mama LIngo who always destroys.   We will also be doing open ice bucket challenges on Sunday at the Pavilion.  All you have to do is show up and dance and if you would like to make a donation on Sunday you can do so on the spot while someone records your challenge and in front of the beautiful city of Cincinnati overlook.  It has officially taken me about 2 days to complete this blog that meant so much to me.   i I hope that the time I took to do all this in my words , somewhere something has inspired you to come out and dance to some music.  

Also my super awesome friend Alex with be doing a fundraiser at Liberty’s in OTR 8-close on Sunday.  Go see this sexy beast and drink some Jameson for me, I am pacing myself to be at all of this awesomness!  T




 come be a part of our vibe thanks for re heading. w and

THe event Saturday is called MEDICINAL MUSIC (DANCE FOR A CAUSE)  if you are on facebook!


Sunday is Sunshine Sessions!

 is ishttps://www.facebook.com/events/658089214291845/

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