A beautiful day for a wedding in the park!

I have to be honest, my hands are shaky and tired and I need to save them as much as possible to rock the socks off of Below Zero tonight.  No cover and full throttle dancing if you need a place later to cut loose!



Today I got the blessing of attending the wedding of one of my longest friendships in this city.  My friend Jenny Dezarn Wilson married this super cool friend of mine Adam today in the park, officiated by my buddy Jill and in the presence of the sunshine, small children, family, and some of my best buddies!  They are all celebrating now at the Comet, best place in Cincinnati to get a Burrito and a Jameson, and make a new friend! 

Its been a beautiful day, I am honored to have been able to sign their wedding certificate, I am blessed to still have use of my hands, and I am stoked to play some filthy tunes tonight!  Life is good, even when facing the fact I will not be able to play music much longer, and my birthday is coming, so get ready!

These songs were in my head today as I watched these two people commit themselves to one another, and saw my friend super pregnant and happy, something she so deserves!


Bring it on Sandy and Jacob and Jeannie and Tommy MurrayMeyer!



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