ALS Donation Jars – Local Businesses Join Our Fight!

May is ALS Awareness Month and we’re kicking this month off with a donation jar campaign.  50% of all donations and funds raised will go to help fuel research as well as provide equipment and supplies for people with ALS, and 50% goes to help Harv with medical and living expenses. If you’re a local business in the Cincinnati area and you’d like to join our fight by placing a donation jar near your cash register, at your bar, or some other creative location, here’s what to do:

If You Are A Local Business

  1. Call Audre at 513-619-0490 to add your name to our list of businesses. The Team Coordinator will provide you with any additional details and answer questions you may have.
  2. If you have your own donation jar or box, print out a sign to place next to it. If you don’t have something to collect donations in, a Team Coordinator will hook you up, just ask.
    We have 2 versions of the sign:

    Click to Download this Sign

    Click to Download this Sign
  3. Remember to kindly ask your patrons to donate, and feel free to use talking points from this letter to share the story. People can also donate online at
  4. At the end of May, the Team Coordinator will arrange a pick up of the funds and will be happy to leave the donation jar in place for as long as you’d like to participate.
  5. Smile, because you’re awesome and we all appreciate your willingness to help!

If You Know A Local Business

  1. Print out a letter or download it and email it to the business owner. Click here to download the letter.
  2. When you talk to business owners, tell the story, let your passion shine through, and share your gratitude for their time – whether or not they choose to participate.
  3. Call Audre at 513-619-0490 to add the business to the list, so be sure to also have the contact info for the business ready when you call. The Team Coordinator will handle it from there.
  4. Smile, because you’re awesome and we appreciate your willingness to help!

Here’s a copy of what the letter says:

Maybe you’ve seen her Mohawk in a crowd, or danced your heart out while she dropped beats at some of our city’s favorite gathering scenes such as Japp’s, Northside Tavern, Neon’s, Up Over, Blue Bar or Below Zero! She’s not just The DJ, or “that girl with the Mohawk.” She is our dearest friend.
Meet Angelia Harvey, known to most as “Harv.” This very special person leads an army with hundreds of committed soldiers. She touches the souls of everyone she meets, and shines light on the best in each one of them. Harv thrives on being a part of events such as Lunchbeat, volunteering with Starfire Council of Cincinnati as well as championing events for GLSEN and LGBT organizations. She firmly believes in the power of music and positivity and has shared that with all of us.
In March of 2015, our worlds were changed when Harv was diagnosed with ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a neurodegenerative disorder that paralyzes the body but leaves the mind intact. This is an ugly and rapid disease that strips patients of their functioning. Patients on average live between two to five years. There is no cure and much left to learn about this disease. Harv has taken this news with strength and determination to truly make a difference!
In Cincinnati the UC Health ALS Clinic provides a wealth of services and support for people with ALS. Your donations help fuel research as well as provide equipment and supplies for people with ALS. That ice bucket challenge thing was great, and filled the money-bucket for the ALS Association. But locally, patients still need your help. More importantly, clinical trials need to be funded so that doctors can find better treatments and a cure. Whenever you attend a “Harvination” event, 50% of all donations and funds raised will go to this cause, and 50% goes to help Harv with medical and living expenses.
In just the past month we have wasted no time to educate ourselves, and anyone else who will listen, to create better awareness of this degenerative illness that affects almost 3500 people a year. Due to the brutal and rapid progression of this disease there is a constant need, such as home modifications, powered wheelchairs, ramps, medical equipment, dictation software etc. The average cost for an ALS patient runs from $150,000-$300,000 per year! That is a bill no one can be prepared to take on.
Team Harvination has the tremendous opportunity to change the future of this disease. By supporting the efforts of this unstoppable force, you can help make a difference too. Please Join our Fight!

We are kindly asking businesses and establishments for assistance in any way possible!
How you can help!
 Take a donation jar that can be placed at registers or at any business!
 Ask customers to add $1 donation to their purchase or order!
 Run a special or event for your business during May to have a percentage of proceeds go towards the cause!
 If you provide a service, donate an hour or two of your time and donate wages or host an event in Harv’s name!
 Visit to learn more, and follow Harv on her journey.
 Anything you feel you could offer, just let us know! We are coming up with non-traditional and creative ideas to raise money and awareness so there are no ideas too small!

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