Be Thankful

Harv has a message: think about what you are thankful for. She can’t walk, talk, or raise her arms or use her hands. She wants us to know that the phase she is in now is causing her to have trouble breathing and swallowing. This is real. And her message to you is…

Be thankful.

In Harv’s words: “I didn’t get to type out awesome stories of my life. Funny, sentimental, etc. … Please email me any pics or stories.” Flood her This will bring her happiness in a way that she needs now more than ever. 

And, please flood her PayPal (send to, GoFundMeand Amazon wish list.

Nothing else matters. Just be thankful, and send stories and love to Harv. For each of you who love Harv in your own unique way, I am thankful.

-A friend.


  1. The Amazon link to me to MY wish list. Do you have another link?

  2. I’ve worked at the Nirthside Tavern since the beginning. I have many, many great memories. One of THE favorite nights I have ever had there Harv was spinning the vinyl. It was St. Patrick’s Day three years ago. She had the whole front room in the palm of her hand. The entire room was movin to her grooves. Then, there were three bagpipers that walked in and she graciously stepped aside for them to do their thing. They played us a few tunes, and Harv got right back at it….THEN, a bagpiper was breakdancing!! It was crazy fun!! Thanks Harv for such a memorable night! One of the best ones ever!! Sending love and beautiful memories to you my fruend❤️Billie

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