Can’t nobody hold me down, oh no, I got to keep on movin!


I could blog all day about how this disease is hateful, unpredictable but consistantly painful emotionally and physically, how I am trying to use my spirituality to let go of everyone and anything that makes me happy.  I could type you paragraphs of heartbreaking  words describing to you what it felt like to live with this disease for over 40 days like a positive champion of life, then face the days you have waited for when you face the reality of your slowly paralyzing and tragic death of being unable to move, speak, swallow and wipe your own ass.  Which in my world is broken down to being able to dance, hug, plant veggies, ride my bike, sing, freestyle, say “i love you”, cuss when I am mad, tell you all how thankful I am, drink Jameson or coffee, and again did I mention I will not be able to shower or wipe my own ass.   Take a second and breath that fucked up part of life in, think of how you would feel at this point in your life, and think of how I feel, I mean let’s get real, other than Short Shorts Sunday or Suns out Guns out, I always have two layers of clothes on, this is gonna suck!  

Ok, so now that we got that out, so that we are all being realistic and that goes for me too, let’s talk about what it is that gets me through those hard facts, and what I am confident will help my friends and family, as well as other people suffering from pretty much anything.   MUSIC….duh!

My legs are just giving out….but I am planning to see as much music as I can in the next couple months.  There are so many musicians I wish I could say thank you too or just see Live.  Blue October and India Arie practically saved me in my Bipolar days, Zz Ward, Joss Stone, I mean that girl is mindblowing.  Mary J Blige and Missy Elliot, Atmosphere (who wants to come off two tickets to Bunbury for me and my caretaker?!>!>!>!>!>!>), Jill Scott, Rudimental, Disclosure, Gorgon City, Emeli Sande, Snoop and Ludacris, Mayer Hawthorne, Marilyn Manson (no hand shaking just the show), the Transplants, Aretha Franklin, Prince, Hall and Oats,  Damien Rice, Amos Lee, Majid Jordan, Drake, Rihanna, and let’s get real…..JANET PLEASE COME HOME FROM MILAN! 


But, thats just nuts.  So, I am still waiting on my free tickets to Bunbury, also if you have a hookup for Bogarts shows and Riverbend, there are quite a few things I wouldnt mind going to there either!  In the meantime, I get to dress up as Blowfly next Friday, I am going to the Ballet tonight, and in two weeks me and a carload of chicks are driving to Philly to the Roots Picnic to meet my homegirl Jenny Flick for a day of fuckin awesome!  Booyah!  This is the part where I post videos of some of the people I am excited to see!  I am planning to melt to the world of The Weeknd, and fulfill promises I have had for years to my little sister and my roomate that I would take them to see Erykah Badu!  I try to keep my promises, especially when they come with the Weeknd and Jenny Flick!


Big stuff is happening for ALS AWARENESS  MONTH!!!  What are you doing to help people like me make a difference? 


I love you! If you are actually reading this, I love you, a piece of me and my strength comes from  you!




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