Celebrate Harv’s Life! Every Damn Day.

Harv’s last wishes were not to have a memorial or funeral. Totally get it – “that shit’s depressing”. I’ve heard her say those exact words.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate her life. Not just for one event, but every single day.

Remember what you learned from her. Unconditional love. Include everyone. See the good in people.

I’m blessed to have known her for more than half my life, and for the huge part of her life that she shared with Jacob. We could always count on Harv for some Buddhist (just kind hearted) wisdom when we were going through a challenge. She showed us that you can and should still love someone, even when they hurt you.

She made so many people feel important and special when others were trying to exclude them. She saw the light in the darkest places, and loved the people who needed it most, when no one else seemed to. She saved lives with her love. So, honor Harv and keep her spirit alive by keeping the love alive.

There is no secret circle that only a few are allowed to be a part of. That’s not Harv, and we all know it.

Love each other, even the ones who hurt you (especially them – they need it). Everyone grieves in their own way. Allow that, and love them unconditionally, just like Harv would do.

If you need to have a party, do it! And do it often! And welcome everyone! Harv should be celebrated every day in every way.

I’ve known Harv for 25 years, and the Harv I know would want us to love each other and include everyone. Leave your bullshit at the door, come in and show love. Just be kind. So many people have shown each other kindness just because we’re connected by Harv. That’s what Harv wanted. Seriously, just be kind.

Everyone is welcome in the house of Harvination.

Everyone gets a plus one in this house.

One love.

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