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Harv has asked that we also share the following information:

Helping Others

In Cincinnati the UC Health ALS Clinic provides a wealth of services and support for people with ALS. Your donations help fuel research as well as provide equipment and supplies for people with ALS. That ice bucket challenge thing was great, and filled the money-bucket for the ALS Association. But locally, patients still need your help. More importantly, clinical trials need to be funded so that doctors can find better treatments and a cure. Whenever you attend a “Harvination” event, 50% of all donations and funds raised will go to this cause.

You can also donate directly to UC here:
UC Neuroscience Institute, Neuromuscular Disorder Center 4 ALS Clinic Fund
PO BOX 670570
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0570

Helping Harv

The reality of all this is – there are expenses, lots of them. On top of the normal bills, Harv needs funds to cover medical supplies, equipment, and treatments not covered by insurance. Harv wants to try anything and everything to prolong her time here and improve her quality of life. Most importantly, if she tries something and it works, that can help other ALS Patients. She wants to eat healthy, and in our world, eating healthy is not cheap. And then there’s that bucket list. Harv has always been such a giving person, and never asks of anything from anyone. So it’s our duty as her friends and family to band together to take this worry off of her mind. You can donate directly to Harv any time through the GoFundMe accountWhenever you attend a “Harvination” event, 50% of all donations and funds raised will go directly to helping Harv with her personal expenses.

Thank you!

If you ask any of her friends, helping Harv is our #1 priority. And Harv’s huge heart and amazing strength is what inspires us all to do more and help others. Whether it’s a little or a lot, a few bucks or a prayer or a good intention, whatever you can do, we thank you for making a difference in Harv’s life and the lives of those with ALS. 

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