Good Morning America!

Considering I have been working hard for two weeks on my Thanksgiving blog, I want to make sure to get this one done and out by lunch and it’s already 9 am.  

When my aid feeds me my oatmeal at sunrise, (I have never had more oatmeal or been so awake at sunrise in my life), and my nurse gives me my lumpy buffet of anxiety, pain, muscle and stool softener pills mixed in with butterscotch pudding (so I don’t choke swallowing them). I turn the television on. Since I can no longer use my hands to watch what I want,  it’s always Good Morning America time, everyone likes the show, and I don’t find it extremely boring, so it works during breakfast and diaper change mornings.   

This morning I learned it was Giving Tuesday. Whoever started this tradition I totally dig it.  Since you  will not get to read my Thanksgiving Thankful ramble for a little while longer, (I damn near kicked the bucket out of nowhere, I was fine and woke up not fine, no, I wasn’t scared and yes I feel a lot better), I want to give you a wide variety of places to give a dollar or more to, that mean something personally to me, my life Story, or the brutal diseases  of mental illness or ALS.    

I plan to give a little bit of what has been given to me as well, and I am thankful for everyone donating to my needs, emailing short memories, photos, and most of all the ones who are taking care of me, by my side, watching me sleep or suffer, and those that drive and fly from far away to be here just for a day or two, even bringing me Thanksgiving Italian food at midnight, flying back home at three am. You all know who you are, some people are getting to know each other through this experience. I have no words to thank you for being my hands, feet, my voice, and my tamily.  


GivE it away, give it away, give it away, NOW 

GSL Monastery 

Project Main St.

Dancing Wheels Company & School 


These are the people who helped me still play music and got me funded to have my Tobii. Beth McCarthy and Libby Willig work with me for free, became my friends when my insurance was tapped out.
Donate to Aaron W. Perlman Center
Aaron W. Perlman Center



  1. Bless you Harv,you have meant a lot to many people thru your music. You are in the hearts and minds of the McNutt family

  2. Beautiful….. Like YOU <3

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