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Harv plans to document her journey and experience here. Everything from Alternative Medicine to updates from days at the clinic to her plans to heal through music can be found on her blog.


  1. Wow! So Monday got real, huh folks? Some of you all knew about me, some of you didn’t. It was amazing to see the amount of people to show up on such a short notice and you all have no clue how much it meant to me to see that she has that many people that care about her.
    My emotions were all over the place that night; anxiety, happiness, sadness…….I was an emotional wrecking ball without the Miley. But given our pasts and what we have had to deal with, we were more than prepared for it all. In fact, this was probably the most bittersweet, ideal way to meet for the first time.
    You will ALL be seeing much more of me in the future. ALS events, Harv on the 1’s and 2’s, you name it……..I’ll be around. Come say hi, remind me of your name if we have met because I am sure I won’t remember it.
    I heart you all for being who you are and what you mean to her. And as we say, Chive On.

  2. I was not aware of the gathering, but I suppose we are just acquaintances. I did see the video that was posted and I have to say it was very moving. It was very brave of you to open up, and tell the world about your life/experiences. I can relate with some of the issues you’ve had and though people in the past I’ve known. Keep strong, and keep going!

  3. Awesome stuff last night Harv! You always know how to make me dance! Thank you.

  4. My lil bro rocks! Love you!

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