Making a Difference in May for ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease

10155763_10153378299962573_5681157636427032238_nDo you own a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or store, provide a service such as Yoga, Reiki, or massage? Do you take photos, make tee shirts, posters, or dance?

I need you to make a difference with me the month of May. Starting now.

So shoot me an email by clicking the link below and tell me what you do and what special you might want to run, or creative way to incorporate yourself, for the month of May for awareness for ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease. I’m putting teams together this week to hit the street and make a difference. If you don’t know what you can do to make a difference, I have a place for you. I need a street team, people with smiles, and good vibes. Let’s do this Cincinnati!

Email me here!

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